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Computer science has advanced over the past years and still has the potential for continuous growth. This aspect has resulted in the complexity in both coding systems and the manner in which computer science instructors’ grade coding projects. Grading coding projects can be an extremely labor-intensive procedure and can be worse if the educator still uses old processes such as copy-pasting...

You need to check code for plagiarism after taking time to develop it. There are several programming languages out there which you need to use in developing software. To know whether you have developed unique software, which will not expose you to plagiarism issues, you need to check code for...

Plagiarism is a big problem even in the programming industry and most of the time it goes undetected given the availability of numerous source codes around. The best way to detect plagiarism is by using a detection software but even so, it can be difficult given the many such software available. You have to make sure the one you choose to use can do the job well and will go through the entire code without missing out on what it deems unnecessary.


Codequiry is one of the best code similarity checkers online since it looks deeper into the code to unearth similarities in logic patterns as well instead of just the overview. This is one of the features that sets it apart...

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Codequiry aims to achieve an equally fair enviornment for fields relating to computer science by preventing the use of unoriginal code. The first step to preserving academic integrity and original source code starts here.

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