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The world's most effective source code plagiarism checking solution.

188,156 instances of code unoriginality detected how codequiry works
Codequiry - Plagiarism Checker for Code

Prevent Source Code Plagiarism

Find unoriginal code with the most advanced plagiarism detection solution. Investigate potential copied code by highlighting similarities to billions of sources along with peer submissions.


Our modern solution to a modern problem is powered by artifical intelligence, putting a stop to plagiarised code, while constantly learning and detecting new strategies used by cheaters. Codequiry's AI engine focuses on finding logical similarities, meaning that altering variables, whitespace, function names, or comments will not affect overall results.

Results that matter

Codequiry was built around source code detection, this means the results you get are meaningful and reliable. Submissions undergo rigorous checks (more) to ensure that students' codes are original. If a submission is flagged, chances are something suspicious is going on!

Peer and Web comparisons

Compare with Peer Check (get similar matches and visual tools for a group of submissions) as well as Database and Web Check (compare submissions against over 100 million sources in our database or over 2 billion sources live on the web)!

Language compatibility

Codequiry works with the majority of popular programming languages. Additional languages and updates are constantly being added.

The results speak for themselves

Codequiry's results are extremely detailed and allow you investigate any suspicious copying.

  • 2D Graph of student similarity by distance (see clusters of cheaters)
  • Matched snippets with detailed viewer
  • Pie chart of sources used in code
  • Automatically recognizes base code
  • See matches from billions of sources on the web
  • Estimated confidence level of overall submission originality
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We bet that a few minutes is worth the cost of ensuring a fair academic enviornment for all computer science students.

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Just drag'n'drop student submissions and let us take care of the rest with our easy to use standalone platform.

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Use the Codequiry frontend to accept student submissions and run checks automatically. (Coming soon!)

How it works

Codequiry empowers educators by ensuring that students are learning and not just copying code.


Upload students' code submissions

If you are using our standalone, just bulk upload your students' files. If you are using LMS Integration, just link your account and Codequiry will pull assignment submissions automatically.

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Submissions undergo a rigorous check

Codequiry will run two main checks: a peer check and deep check. The peer check will compare source code to every other student's submission using AI. The deep check will look for similarities to code from billions of sources on the web.

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Insight and results are available

Once final checks are completed, we will notify you through the medium you prefer if there any any suspicious submissions. A detailed plagiarism report and additional insights will be available to you along with visual graphs and charts.

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