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Codequiry powerful web checking API empowers business and institutions to integrate external code checking. Many different varieties of both institutions and businesses have greatly benefited from the flexibility of Codequiry’s code checking API. The power to be able to out consistent and reliable source code analysis provides a more effective way for organizations to detect code plagiarism. Codequiry’s revolutionary new code checking API is unique in being one of the first code checking API that provides detailed web checking results. In addition, the statistics and detailed results page simplifies the complexity of understanding if code plagiarism had occurred. Being at the forefront of anti-code plagiarism analysis has positioned the Codequiry Code checking API as the new gold standard for code analysis.

Many businesses and coding organizations have significantly been able to reduce the workload of manually having to review code submissions for examples of plagiarism. As an example of the power of the Codequiry code checking API, a small hiring firm located in Germany has reported that they have been able to cut the manual review times of candidate’s code submissions by up to 75%. Before this, the organization mentioned would have to manually invest many hundreds of hours to review if a candidate takes home code assignment. It was often common for the applicants to try to plagiarize the take home assignments from popular coding websites. Many small businesses and organizations have reported the undue burden that comes from attempting to verify manually if code plagiarism has occurred. The reality is that manual review doesn’t work with the abundance of coding resources online and special techniques some use to obscure code plagiarism. Codequiry smart checking engine can detect when a potential candidate is attempting to obscure their code, which is something that most manual review is unable to detect.

Codquiry code checking API takes the guesswork out of code plagiarism detection and provides detailed developer resources for easy implementation. This API allows for remote file checking, obtaining detailed results on any submissions, and highlighted snippets with code plagiarism detection. In addition to other benefits, the Codequiry API has greatly simplified what was once a daunting task into a simple and easy process. Learn more about how you can start using the Codequiry code checking API by clicking the link:

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