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Check your code for plagiarism

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You need to check code for plagiarism after taking time to develop it. There are several programming languages out there which you need to use in developing software. To know whether you have developed unique software, which will not expose you to plagiarism issues, you need to check code for plagiarism. There are several tools out there you can use to check the code for plagiarism, but applying Codequiry is the best solution. The tool has several features which make it beat the competitors. Here are some of how the tool stands out in delivering great results:

Advanced plagiarism checker

The tool employs the latest technology to check unoriginal code and similarities in software. It highlights potentially coded code from billions of sources. It can compare results on the web or from submitted peers. The tool is beneficial to web developer as well as a client who hire programmers to develop for them software. It makes it easy to know any duplicate content in a given code.

Smart algorithm

The algorithm is developed in such a way it will look beyond the cosmetics of the software. It helps in analyzing the cosmetics of the software. There are several features in the plagiarism checker, which makes it stand out from the rest. The software keeps on improving to highlight any similarity between software.

Reliable results

The results you get after applying the tool are reliable. The submission undergoes rigorous checks which ensure the code submission is original. You can quickly stop other people from copying your code upon deploying the algorithm. It has inbuilt features you can utilize to ensure your developed code is very fair. The code checking is extensive; it checks against billions of codes on the internet, making it stand out.

Advanced Language Compatibility

There are more than 20 programming languages. The tool is built to work with all major programming languages. It works with programming languages such as Java, C++, C, Python, Go, C#, PHP, SQL, Perl, Assembly, XML, Ruby, VB, Javascript, Lisp, Typescript, Haskell, HTML, Pascal, Plain Text, Matlab among others.

Extensive results

Codequiry is a great tool. It investigates more than 20 billion public lines of code. The tool has an effective mechanism to measure software similarity online. The snippets are provided with the detailed view. Base code is automatically recognized, making it easy to investigate any case of plagiarism. You can submit your code with confidence upon uploading it on the platform.

Easy plagiarism checker for code

The code plagiarism checker works in such a way it makes it very easy for you. You have to upload the code, and it will start checking automatically. Few steps you need to take include specifying the programming language and drop your submission. There are different types of test to check, such as database, peer, and web check, among others.

Quick results

Our Code Plagiarism Checker is a tool developed to allow you to carry out code plagiarism very fast. It takes an average period of 12 seconds to check your code against billions of other code lines ever developed. The results are very detailed, making it easy for you to assess them. Codequiry is a highly advanced code plagiarism checker online you can trust.

Our Mission

Codequiry aims to achieve an equally fair environment for fields relating to computer science by preventing the use of unoriginal code. The first step to preserving academic integrity and original source code starts here.


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